About Crying Boy

The Tale of Crying Boy Peri Peri Sauce is one of intrigue, selfishness and secrecy, but we can't burden you with that, or can we?

The Name

Why is the Boy Crying? Well because it is hot. Many years ago, while enjoying some peace and quite, over a nice tall glass of some undisclosed drink, a child sitting on a table close by, in it's infinite curiosity decides to try the chilli sauce on the table, and then the crying started, and continued and then never stopped, so the day it came to naming the awesome creation we had come up with, it was easy.

The Sauce

Crying Boy Peri Peri Sauce is made using very bright tasting ingredients, all constructed in a secret way with secret amounts in a secret location to create a sauce that is a delicate balance between, sweet, sour, salty and bitter complemented with a bite that will brighten up anyone's day

The Legend

The versatility of Crying Boy is stuff that makes legends, add it to your food while cooking or even after, add it to salad dressing for that extra kick, the list goes on. For many awesome uses go to our recipe page and become a flavour legend.

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