Pan Fried Spicy Peanuts

This is a great recipe for when you need awesome peanuts, but you don't have the 45 mins to make them.

Ingredients - Feeds 1-6 people

Raw deshelled peanuts 500 g
Butter or Sunflower oil 40 g
Salt 10 g
Crying Boy Peri Peri 75 Ml

How to Prepare

1 Add butter / oil and the salt to a pan and heat until butter is melted, or the oil is hot.

2 Wash peanuts then dry them in a towel, and add them to the hot pan.

3 Cook on high heat for 5 - 7 mins, depending on how hot the stove is, mixing as often as possible.

4 After the 7 mins or when the peanuts are browning the peanuts will continue to cook while they cool down add the Crying Boy Peri Peri sauce, mix thoroughly.

5 Allow to cook for one minute then remove the pan from the heat.

6 While the peanuts are still in the pan do not forget to keep mixing, place in a heat proof bowl and allow to cool.

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